KEEPALL w/o shoulderstrap..

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  1. On your shoulder? Have you ever tried to carry this like a shoulderbag with the handles on your shoulder?

    I was so tired of carrying it today and to my own surprise I managed quite easily to throw it over my shoulder, carrying like I would carry and antigua or the neverfull! Maybe I should start llifting more weights. =P
  2. omg, so you tottally read my mind! i was going to ask everyone if this is possible!!!!! so it is? anyway i can get a modeling pic ;)

  3. the mc keepall it is, but the regular, no
  4. can you still buy the MC Keepall?
  5. yeah they apparently discontinued production of it, but ik for a fact there are some out there, before the increase it was $2740.00 no telling what it is now :sad:
  6. wow I never tried to use it as a shoulder bag.
    Can anyone tell me what the MC speedy cost back in 03. I am hoping to get store credit for mine in white as the bleeding is looking so bad.
  7. wait what size mc keepall is discontinued?
  8. $2740 seems kinda pricy but not when you compare it to the Speedy 30! it might be like $3500 now!! i might call 866....
  9. it only comes in one size, a 45... its proably around $3k but not 3500!
  10. think its better to get w/ strap.. even though you won't use it , its good to know it was there when you needed them:yes:

    are we talking the mc keepall there? mc keepal comes in 45 w/o strap
  11. ^^^^^^^

    ohhhh, sorry to hear you really think they would give you a store credit after 4 years?
  12. ^
    That would be crazy.
  13. Seems like I have a receipt for '03 from the Hawaii store for a black being somewhere around $1200-1400. I could be totally wrong. Lemme go see if I can dig it up. I just moved so I have no idea where my crap is!
  14. I just bought mine not too long ago and it definitely wasnt that

    The black MC keepall I have does fit over my shoulder but its really bulky. I dont have small arms so a mono keepall 45 I have definitely doesn't. Not sure about the 60 my DH carries. I have never tried it. I make it a point to never buy them without shoulder straps but couldnt resist the MC!
  15. on Dec 02, 2003 the purchase of a black MC speedy in Hawaii on my receipt shows 1430.00 retail with 4.166% tax for a total of 1489.57.

    You cant even get a thoroughly used one in good condition for that now! lol