Keepall Owners! Need your input

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  1. Hi everyone! So I am looking into getting a SKA. My question for you ladies is whether the base of the keepall sags when I have my things in it or if it keeps it's shape. Thanks in advance!
  2. I haven't noticed any sagging on mine
  3. I haven't noticed any either, but I've only used my small a couple of times (I just got it).
  4. I've had mine since late spring. The body of the bag has gotten smushy, but the bottom has stayed flat. It's much stiffer.
  5. Thank you ladies so much. That is what I wanted to hear =). Can't wait for my reveal!!
  6. Great! What color? :smile:
  7. Mustard :smile:
  8. I have the LKA, and the bottom does sag a little bit - but only with a heavy weight (I often use it as a computer tote). It bounces right back when I remove the heavy items.

    If I'm just carrying my Keepall like a purse, with normal everyday items, then the bottom stays flat.
  9. ^ I second that. I have the SKA and LKA and that happens with both.
  10. I'm looking for a 2nd PS (I already have the XL PS1)... I'm debating between the large Keep All or a large PS1 tote.

    May I have your opinions please? :yes:

  11. Hmmm.... that's tough! Since you already have an XL PS1, and the Tote is so similar stylistically, I would be inclined to suggest a LKA.

    Maybe a SKA instead of the large? I used to own an XL PS1 and I found it to have roughly the same carrying capacity as my LKA. The LKA, though, is easier for me to pack and unpack my laptop (it's a huge open space!).
    If you're looking for variety, the SKA would be ideal.

    I've never owned the large - just seen it in store - but it seems to me like it might have the same problem that I had with the XL PS1, that it's kind of difficult to take my large work laptop in and out of the bag because of the way the corners are kind of cinched in.

    Can't help it, I just love the Keepall!!
  12. I was thinking about the large PS1 tote because it has 2 handles and that's so much more comfortable than 1. Also, I just love that PS1 shape... problems, hassles, lousy customer service and all. I'm in love.

    Not that I've tried the tote, I can't find a large here in Toronto.

    I like a big bag and I don't find the large PS1 to be too big. Will I like a small KA?
  13. It is really personal preference. I like larger bags, but I find the SKA to be plenty big. It is really comparable to some of of other larger bags. I wouldn't put a laptop in it, so if you are wanting it for that the large might be better.
  14. Here is a comparison of the KA travel, SKA and small PS1. You can see there is a pretty big difference for each.
    image-3961065653.jpg image-3251598231.jpg
  15. Thank you!

    I like how each bag is different enough from the other. I keep buying almost the same bag, each time. Not as smart... :P