Keepall-Cerises or MC, show piece or useful?

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  1. Just wondering those of you lucky ones who have either cerises or mc keepalls, do you actually use it or worship? will you use it during snowy wintertime?
  2. USE USE USE!!!, I cant believe I wasent into LV when thoes came out.:crybaby:
  3. i plan to use not 'worship' my purchase from now on, but can't decide to hunt for mc or cerises? I like MC's small pouch, but the metal studs are a bit too much, cerises is a clean cut version, but no extra pocket....sigh help!
  4. i had 2 brand new cerises, i planned to use one and worship the other..i ended up NEVER using either of them, so I sold one..and I still swear to myself everydy I will use this one but honestly its so clean crisp and fresh its beautiful i dont want to use it =/
  5. ^That's EXACTLY what I fear! Try to hunt down LE, dreaming how wonderful it would be for trips....but IRL, probably hardly touch the vachetta to prevent it's mint condition :rolleyes: I guess just need to be 'blunt' about it hehe.
  6. Use them!! Life is just too short!
  7. I have both :smile:

    And use both! I use the MC a lot during the summer. The cerise looks great with my mono peagase.
  8. that's the thing! I have a mono pegase 60 on its way, but love how exclusive MC keepall is, yet Cerises is a better match for mono pegase....argh, this is when i hate being a Gemini:hysteric:
  9. I'd use them, especially the Cerises - it's just stunning!
  10. I WORSHIP my MC keepall...

    its so special to me! Iwish I could afford another one so I could use it haha!
  11. use use use use!!!!!!!!!!
  12. *jealous* :drool: what's a reasonable price for cerises or mc keepall?
  13. Well, the cerise was 1310 retail, of course it was LE. If you can handle a slight scuff of two, I have seen them going for around 1000-1400 on ebay. On the high end, I have seen "like new" going for around $2500.

    The MC has an even larger swing. I can't remember original retail when I bought mine about 4 years ago...I think it was $1680 or $1720...something around there...Matt can probably tell you for sure. When I was thinking of getting another one last August, they were up to $2850! At that time they were discontinued, but there were 12 black and 8 white still in the US. On ebay, I have seen them go for around $2000, there was a white on a BIN not that long ago for arong $1500...that was a steal! Most on ebay are not in perfect shape since they are travel bags.

    I truly love them both, but then again I am a sucker for big bags. I have far too many, and still have not even used my white l'extravagant I bought late last year in a fit of I love it and it's being discountinued.
  14. Cerises is so cute! Then again I have never seen an MC either, but I think it would be almost too flashy.
  15. JMHO, but I don't think it's flashy at all...just flirty and fun :smile: