Keepall 55 Damier graphie canvas

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  1. Hi I recently bought a bag from the louis vuitton store. I have discovered that the stitching is slightly uneven on the right side and it is sewn with double thread. Is it normal, or should I ask if I can have it repaired or replaced? 67294688_365554437358318_5251613210406027264_n.jpg
  2. If you haven't used the bag, you can always ask for an exchange. The double-stitching is normal as it marks the place where thread starts/ends.
  3. If it's brand new I'd ask or a replacement. I agree with @fabuleux, double-stitching is normal but that part looks a little sloppy.
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  4. Okay do you think it is a defect or is it just how this bag looks?
  5. I don’t think it is a defect, but more like sloppy work. I would ask for a replacement.