Keepall 50 or 55 HELP

  1. Hello everybody

    Just wanted to get your opinions, on which one would be a better fit for me.

    The bags main use will be as a gym bag.

    Thanks everybody
  2. i think a Keepall 45 w/ strap would be just right as a gym bag... the 50 or 55 would be seen as carrying luggage already :yes:
  3. Hello~ I just bought the 45 and I think it's kinda small like an overnight bag! So~ maybe this would be perfect for the gym!
  4. Definately consider the 45, the others will be a tad too large unless you're bringing everything to the gym ;)
  5. I have a 55 and a 45 and the 45 is more then enough for a gym bag. The others would look odd and luggagy.
  6. I'd go for the 45
  7. 45 for a gym bag definitely!!
  8. Thanks for all your replys

    It seems like the 45 is the consensus. Will the 45 be able to hold a pair of shoes, a towel and a pair of jeans comfortably? I have heard the 45 is kinda small.

  9. The 45 is the perfect gym bag. You'll get a better idea if you compare the two in person. IMO, the 50 is big for a gym bag.
  10. thanks just making sure:smile:
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