keepall 45 add on strap?

  1. hello fellow TPFers. I received a Keepall 45 for Christmas. But it was the one that didn't come with the strap. However, I have a separate strap from a garment bag i purchased, is it ok to use it? you know...buckle it to the current strap. Please let me know if this has been done, aned will it ruin my keepall? graciass
  2. I don't think you can put a strap on a keepall with no D rings at each end
  3. i have seen some people clip the strap onto the rings of the handles. i think that is what the OP is talking about. i have a keepall 45 without straps and i just hand carry it because it is pretty light even when stuffed.
  4. if you want a strap, go one size larger!