Keep these amazing Manolos or return for bbag?

  1. These gorgeous Manolo's were on my spring wish list, but they were $545.00. Should I keep them or return for a bbag credit?

  2. OMG those are gorgeous!!! That is a VERY special shade of nude. I'm going to get off my B-bag horse for once and say, KEEP THE SHOES! They're classic, classy, and very elegant! They'll last forever and will always be "in style."
  3. I'd keep the Manolos. They are very pretty! Maybe you can splurge and get the bbag too?
  4. OOOHH I love them:drool: really sexy! great fit too
  5. I'd go for the bag because I'd wear it more often.
  6. Well please work out which you will get the most use from. The shoes are amazing but I would prefer the bag!
  7. Ooohhhh!! You have a pair of my dream Manolos. I would love to get them but I just don't have anyplace to wear them to justify it. KEEP THE SHOES!
  8. OMG!! Those manolos are just geourgous. Keep them!!:wlae: :drool: :yahoo:
  9. Keep those shoes and save up for the bag
  10. Those are such beautiful shoes! Please keep them!
  11. KEEP them.

    a good pair of manolos is just as good!
  12. OMG - i f-ing love those shoes!!!! i am drooling over here - what size are they? i'll take 'em off your hands, er, feet. :graucho:
  13. Keep the shoes. YOu can always get a bbag next time. (How I wish I can wear high heels!)
  14. OMG, I love the shoes, I say keep it!

  15. they are gorgeous! keep them!!