keep the baby or get the original?


cabas poll

  1. original vinyl & baby cabas caviar

  2. original caviar & baby cabas caviar

  3. original vinyl & original caviar

  4. all 3

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  1. i already have the large coco cabas vinyl and baby cabas in black caviar.
    if u get a chance to own an orginal cabas in black caviar, which one u're let go?
    or keep all 3 is too repetitive?

    i love the coco cabas vinyl because i think it's a very edgy bag and could be more of a classic than the original leather...

    i love the baby cabas but i'm used to big bags so it seems small to me although it weight the best, it doesn't hurt to carry them for a long time and it fits a lot!

    i still really want the original cabas :drool:

    i wanna hear u gorgeous chanel girls opinion on this one :p

  2. You need the original. If it were me I would dump the vinyl. Then you have a baby and an original.
  3. Ooh - get the original - I think it is really smooshier than the quilted cause it is less structured and to me looks even edgier. Plus I love the smell of the leather (I am assuming the vinyl doesn't smell). If you get a chance, I think you should snatch it up as they are really hard to find.

    My vote was to dump the vinyl, too.
  4. I like the original cabas in both leather & vinyl. The baby doesn't do much for me.
  5. yay, keep the votes coming :yes:
  6. I say keep all 3! lol :p
  7. I'd say keep the baby no matter what!LOL

    not a really a fan of vinyl material, so u know which one I vote:p
  8. I also voted for the original caviar & baby. You mentioned you like the look of the vinyl because it's edgy - do you think you'll still like it next year? IMHO vinyl doesn't have as much staying power.
  9. vote for original and baby. i love leather.
  10. The large leather!
  11. actually not because it's edgy, but one day i was poured with rain, adn i just realized that the vinyl is very useful LOL
    i don't have to act crazy and tried to hide it from the rains, i know it'll be ok :p

    OMG! i wish i can have all 3, i have to sell things for that :crybaby:
  12. I'm surprised I was the only one to vote for vinyl original and baby caviar! I love the vinyl and the caviar, and just think you get the most variety with that combo.
  13. I voted large vinyl and baby cabas. Baby is a great bag , perfect size IMO and vinyl is a fuss free bag. No worrying about damage ect.
  14. I like the baby size better
  15. I am not a fan of vinyl so I say get the caviar original and keep the baby- dump the vinyl.