1. Yesterday, I purchased the mono riveting bag. I was not a fan, but i think it looks better IRL. I still love the bag; however, I do not own anything with vachetta and I am a little apprehensive using it.

    What do you think?
  2. I really don't think vachetta is as fragile as it is made out to be. Why would companies use it if it was? I say, keep it and enjoy the bag!
  3. i got mine yesterday too! i had it held and when the lady first brought it out i was like OMG, i wasnt sure if i liked it, its a little boxy...but i got it anyway because my gut was that i DID like it. i used it last night and i like it even more now! i just think its a really cool bag i love all the details. i think it COULD have been priced a bit lower as someone else on here already went in to.

    I would keep it! if you take it back you may not be able to get another one if you change your mind later.
  4. it's really how comfortable you feel with it. i think it's a pretty bag- not me but pretty. it would bother me more that it's sort of inbetween a handbag and a shoulder bag. but it's a lot of money for you not to be 100% sure about it, kwim?
  5. I didn't mean because I thought it was fragile, I'm just afraid it won't patina evenly and not to mention the stains, if not careful.

  6. It is a beautiful bag. One of the things I do like about it is that it can be a handbag as well as a shoulder bag. It has lots of compartments and is a great size. Did I mention it's a stunner!
  7. Keep it!
  8. I agree! there's way too much hype about the leather (just like Vernis)... I've gone through rain and snow with my school bag (BH) and I only have 2 tiny watermarks on it...... here I attached a ya... I'd say KEEP IT:yes:
  9. Only keep it if you absolutely LOVE it!

    I had the same reaction as Sarak when they brought mine out.... she was such a squat, boxy little thing! But, I love the details, and love the bag. It's my only bag with lots of vachetta... I'm also a little apprehensive about it, but... as I said, I love it. :heart:
  10. Keep it darling! It looked great on you!

  11. I was hoping that you would post.. I had the same reacting when it was brought out. It is gorgeous... I kind of like the boxy style, it will soften in time. I don't mind the vachetta handles, it's the bottom corners I'm a little afraid of, thank goodness the bottom is canvas!
  12. Thank you! I had a great time! I hope we can get together again soon!
  13. keep and enjoy it ;)
  14. I totally agree, very glad the bottom is canvas... feet would have been fab, but oh well.

    As I've posted, I've noticed the "boxiness" (is that a word? LOL) has started to soften even after a couple uses. The first day I used her was... awkward, but it's gotten better every time since then.

    I'm scared of those bottom corners, too. I don't even LIKE vachetta much (hence why I've stayed away from models like Theda, etc), but I do love the style of this bag.

    And, I think no matter WHAT the style was, I'd HAVE to keep this bag just for the zipper detailing on the front. LOVE that!
  15. It's a keeper!