Keep my Tivoli PM?


Keep my Tivoli PM?

  1. keep Tivoli PM

  2. waitlist for Tivoli GM

  3. get a speedy 30 instead

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  1. I just bought my first LV bag yesterday - the Tivoli PM. I been lusting after this bag for quite a while now, but now that I have it .. I'm not quite sure if I should keep it or not. The tivoli PM looked a lot better in pictures. The PM seems to be a little to small for me. I haven't seen the GM in real life but it looks a little too big in pictures. I don't know. Should I bring back the PM back to the store and waitlist for a GM or should I just stick with my PM ? Btw, I am petite and about 5'1 or 5'2 tall.
  2. I am about your size and height and I have a GM. The PM was too small for me and I liked the fact that the GM can go over my shoulder when I don't want to hold it. But you might want to see it in person before you decide.
  3. the tivoli pm would be a perfect fit for your height. the bag looks great with a petite frame.
  4. I think the PM is perfect for your frame but it seems you're not 100% happy with it. So I say looks for a bag that you truly love!
  5. I would wait and see the GM IRL so you know how it looks on you. Then you can decide whether to keep the PM or not. But sounds like you're unsure about it, so return it and get something you like, otherwise you'll have buyer's remorse forever!
  6. it sounds like you're not 100% happy with it, so I'd take it back.
  7. I was considering getting the tivoli pm, but when I found out it was handheld that made me change my mind I sold my speedy 25 because of the handheld handles. It got on my nerves because I it would not not fit on my shoulder. If you are not 100% sure about it then return it and get something you really like.
  8. I'm 5'3" and have the PM. After seeing measurements of the GM, my DH and I were both in agreement it was just too large for my frame. (Plus DH thought the PM was the better looking bag.)
    However, if you are not 100% happy with it, by all means, take it back to the store. I would recommend trying on the GM just to be sure.
    Good luck in your decision!
  9. Keep the Tivoli PM. It's a really pretty bag and it's in your hot hands now!
  10. I prefer the speedy 30
  11. depends on what you carry. pm is comparable to speedy 25. the gm is a lot bigger, and it seems to be more popular b/c it carries more. the reason i say popular, b/c i've seen a few women with the gm, while i carry the pm b/c i don't carry much. the gm was too big for me.

  12. 100% Agree with you. :tup:
  13. I agree as well. But if you're really unsatisfied with it, then go for what your heart desires. Don't settle for something that you're not going to love.
  14. Sounds like you're not 100% in LVoe with that size, but since you like the style ... I'd exchange for the GM!
  15. If you are really not sure, then return it and wait for GM.