Keep 26mm or move up to 31?

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  1. This size looks perfect on you! You have a tiny wrist and it emphasizes the femininity of it. I think people need to be careful saying that small watches are dated and advising to go for a huge size, because when trends change the 41mm on a woman may look dated!
    If you look at lady like women of power and influence (i.e. Michelle Obama, Catherine Middleton) they always have smaller watches...small watches transcend time and always give off a more waspy look, i think!
    That said, a 31mm isn't that much bigger and so I don't think it would lose any of the "classicness". Both would be equally lovely!
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  2. I do agree with this but I would dispense with the term, "waspy" look as not all women who wear small watches ar that. Umm, Michelle Obama?
    Please, i do want to emphasize no snark intended.