Keep 26mm or move up to 31?

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  1. I have a 31mm it’s a great size my wrist is 5.5 inches also IMG_0604.JPG
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  2. If you could only pick one lady datejust size what would it be? I’m planning a future push present and doing my research wayyy ahead of time. I feel that 31mm is updated but Leaning towards a little big for the office while 28mm is a little small but is more versatile and classic should big watches fall out of fashion. I plan to get either the RGSS or YGSS so that I can mix jewelry metals and wear casually or at the office
  3. 31mm because it’s easier to read the darn date and turn the crown.

    I find RGSS or YGSS too blingy on a 31mm compared to 28mm but since you made up your mind on the metal then go for 31mm.
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  4. Good to know, thank you! The mixed metals is for ease of matching my jewelry (white gold rings, YG and RG necklaces and bracelets).
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  5. You have to try both RG and YG before deciding. Oddly, YG looks better on me as RG seems to ‘disappear’ on my wrist.

    I thought if easier with two tone but I’m pairing all white gold jewelry with the WGSS watch more.
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  6. Interesting, really interesting. Okay so my dilemma is that on my left hand I have WG engagement ring and wedding band. On my right hand I have a YG cartier love. I plan to sometimes wear my YG VCA 10 motif guilloche (when I buy it) on my left hand as a bracelet (wrapped 3x with 2” extender), and the right hand will have the Rolex stacked with love. For days I don’t wear my VCA as a bracelet I plan to wear the Rolex on the left hand; would it be weird to have my left hand have only WG jewelry but my right hand has the YG love? I feel like I would “need” a WG or platinum bangle to stack on my right hand to balance all the WG on the left....thoughts? Lol sorry such a long and complicated post.
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  7. Hmm, that’s pretty complicated. I always wear a watch on my left. Bracelet on my right. I don’t stack because I can’t deal with scratches. I have never worn a watch on my right wrist, so I’m not sure how to answer your question.

    Main reason I’m not attracted to the Love bracelet because it’s not removable. I can’t sleep with jewelry or watch on.

    Also it costs money to send Rolex in just for polishing, so I wouldn’t stack anything with it.

    It’s a dilemma to go with YGSS/RGSS or WGSS all diamond bezel. You definitely need to try them and I’m sure one will make your heart sings.

    If you plan to get another Rolex a few years down the road, get the Datejust two tone now and WGSS 34/36mm oyster bracelet later, that way you get best of both.
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  8. Hi
    I happened to catch your thread.
    Regarding watch size, watches are trending downwards. A 26mm or 28mm is always classic and right. They don't go out of fashion. (I've been collecting watches for a very long time--long enough to see certain trends come back for a second time.) For my smaller watches, I prefer a 28mm over a 26mm on my 6-inch wrist. It's easier for me to see! A 31mm seems to be right on trend and a nice size for daily wear. Those are gorgeous watches, btw. Good luck with your decision.
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  9. 28mm is always a safe classic bet, I agree with you. 31mm leans trendy but not overly so. I don’t think either size screams overly trendy or very classic
  10. I think my plan is to only get one Rolex so it has to be PERFECT sand a forever classic. Such tough decisions
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  11. That was me when DH bought me the first Rolex, 26mm in 2008. Fast forward, I bought myself a 31mm when I turned 40 in 2017. Now I’m planning for a 34mm, maybe for my 45th birthday or I get a big fat bonus this year
  12. I keep the 26. They don't make them that size now and with your tiny wrist it looks good! Smaller watches will come back into Vogue again as sizing trends come and go.
  13. I would trade in for the 31, especially given that you have two 26s now. I have always preferred a larger watch (trends aside) and the 31 won’t be overpowering, even on a more slender wrist.
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  14. The Rose gold Rolex in 31 mm is really amazing!
  15. I would definitely trade 26 mm for 31mm. The 26mm looks so dated when I see on others wrist.
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