Keep 26mm or move up to 31?

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  1. IMG_4921.JPG IMG_4918.JPG

    I have a pretty small wrist and have two 26 mm Rolexes. Thinking of trading in for a 31 mm - will that look too big for daily wear?

    Wrist is 5.5 inches

    Thank you!
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  2. Move up for sure. Small watches look dated to me. My wrist is small, 5 3/4” and I wear a 40mm Daytona.

    That’s what I would do. I have a 26mm also that I will get rid of. I will keep my 31mm for now as I really like the combo but I still find that a bit too small. It’s acceptable to me, but I prefer bigger.

    Also, the 26mm is now discontinued so that should also tell you something.

    Just my two cents.
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  3. Your current watches look great. If you think that 31 is too much of a jump, take a look at the 28 size which had replaced 26.
  4. Absolutely!
    Big watch (about 40mm) is the modern trend. Personally i think 31mm felt quite dated too.
    My wrist is 14.5cm and I'm wearing 40mm submariner and daytona. Many of my friends wear Datejust 41 now.
    So if you don't lose too much money getting rid of the 26mm, try to get a bigger size.
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  5. 136F6B6A-A43C-4EC5-B9AE-3FD6C545C6A3.jpeg Your wrist is tiny but a 31 would be a nice change and will look updated but not silly. 40 would look ridiculous and is a fad. 28 wouldn’t be enough of a change to be worthwhile. Our wrists are the same size and I have a 31.
  6. Love this watch, looks perfect on your wrist. Is that in ever Ross and is that a silver dial?
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  7. That looks perfect!
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  8. Thanks. It’s Everose with pink dial. For some reason the dial looks more pink in that photo than it does IRL. In most light situations the watch has more of a clean monochrome look.
  9. I love small watches, I would keep the 26 mm
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    Since you have two 26mm, definitely trade in one for 31mm. No, it’s not too big, it’s so easy to read the date on the 31mm. What combination are you looking at?

    I have the 26mm, YGSS, MOP dial and diamond markers, 11 year old, and it’s great for evenings and special occasions. Added a 31mm, WGSS, Roman numeral, pink dial for a more casual vibe and it’s great for daily wear.

    But I’m lusting over Gourmetgal’s 31mm Everose.
  11. IMG_4825.JPG

    IMG_7082.JPG IMG_5472.JPG

    26mm and 31mm
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  14. That’s a tough question because I wasn’t thinking of 31mm in YGSS or RGSS. My mind was set on WGSS for the 31mm because I wanted a casual daily watch. I think two tone in 31mm would be too blingy but if you live in a country where you wear long sleeves most of the time, then it shouldn’t be concern.
  15. Thank you. It’s a tough choice, I love both sizes for different occasions.
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