Kate's Home Video Exposed

  1. By honge_showbiz SkyNews - Tuesday, April 3
    Another celebrity home video is making the rounds on the internet...
    This time, it appears to star Kate Moss and Pete Doherty.
    The three minute video - which can be viewed on The Sun website - features Pete serenading his lover on his guitar.
    Kate, scantily dressed in a see-through nightie and a pair of knickers, is swinging back and forth on a hammock during the private performance.
    The couple is thought to be at Kate's Cotswolds home, The Sun reports.
    Kate kicks her legs in the air while swinging and sings along with Pete... but the romantic moment turns a bit sour when Kate blasts: "Don't la la me."
    She then proceeds to call the song "crap"...
    That's precisely when Pete stops the recording.
  2. That video is weird.... she appears to be out of her nut on something & just drops obscenities into the conversation! eww
  3. that sounds quite weird :confused1: maybe she was high on drugs
  4. come awwwn ... they both were ! ;)
  5. What do you mean, 'maybe'?
  6. the state of him ... if he keeps going like that Kate might not be a bride ...
    ddooododherty.jpg dohherrtty.jpg dooooherty.jpg petelovekate1.jpg
  7. Gosh those pictures of him are so gross. His skin is all greasy and dirty. What does she see in him? I know looks are not everything but he just looks so ill and unhealthy.
  8. He is so fu%^&ly!