Kate Spade outlet!

  1. I live near an amazing outlet mall - and Kate Spade is opening on Friday, October 5! Anyone ever been to one of her outlets before? The store looks huge and I am so excited to go!!
  2. I have an outlet nearby, and it's just okay. Many of the styles I have never seen in a store, but occasionally they get past season stuff. I've never bought anything there.
  3. The one near me has a pretty good selection and decent sales. My friend bought a gorgeous bag over Labor Day weekend when almost everything was an additional 25% off.
  4. The one near me has some very pretty bags at great prices but a no returns policy. Did you ever get that cole haan bag?
  5. I got it - but returned it. :sad: I really liked it but it was a lot of "bag" for me. I just don't carry all that much and don't want to start filling a bag just to fill it. It was gorgeous though. I adore Cole Haan but haven't found the "perfect" one yet.
  6. The one I had ordered got returned too.It had a serious defect on the handles and a small stain on the front.I still really like them but I will have to look at them in person. Good luck on your new search.
  7. So I went to the Kate Spade outlet yesterday and all I can say is....eh. nothing special. Lots of bags - some very cute but nothing jumped out at me. Then I went next door to the Coach store and nothing was great in there either. Depressing to have two great handbag stores side by side and nothing good inside them!
  8. I did the same thing a couple of days ago and left with out buying anything.I did see a coach bag on line that I liked but it is sold out in NY and NJ. Hope you find something that makes you want to jump for joy.
  9. The one time I've been there in Woodbury, I found one thing, but I guess like all outlets you need to be there at the right place at the right time. But I do like her stuff!
  10. I ordered a chocolate wellesley samson sight-unseen from the chicago area outlet store. They shipped it to me & it was perfect! I keep thinking I paid right around $200 for it, when new it was $350 or so? It's one of my favorite bags. The outlet will also take & send you a pic of an item if you request it.
  11. I've never been to one but wish I had.