kate moss' lila grace

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  2. Very cute!!
  3. She's soooo cute ! I wonder whose side her looks will favour when she's more grown.
  4. She is so cute! and check out those darling red cowboy boots she has on in the first pic!
  5. She's absolutely adorable! On the last pic she looks just like Kate.
  6. A tiny little fashionista! I love it.
  7. So cute! I thought she looked like Kate, but in that one shot she looks like daddy!
  8. Cute.
  9. ITA, I love the cowboy boots, so darling!
  10. both r so cute togther..:tup:
  11. how adorable! she looks like her mom..
  12. kate and jefferson look a bit alike too IMO :p
  13. what a beautiful little girl.
  14. Awww she's adorable
  15. She is such a cutie pie :smile: