Kashi Go Lean Cereals

  1. This stuff should have a warning label. Those of you that have tried this, will know exactly what I am talking about! :sweatdrop: That's all I have to say about it!
  2. LOL WHY?? i know it has fiber in it...does that mean it gives the runs??..I actually like some it..and it seems quite filling!..it doesnt help me lose weight though...special K works better when it comes to that!
  3. My husband calls it "colon-blow"
  4. ^^^ Exactly!! OMG, if anyone is ever backed up, buy some. It has fiber and flax seed in it.
  5. Haha this was mentioned in a thread in the health forum. LOL someone called it "Kashi go fart" LOL.
  6. lol I've eaten it and it never had this effect on me!! but I've only had two bowls ever because it's pretty gross.
  7. Ha ha! I love the Kashi Heart to Heart, it's yummy and keeps you filled up all morning! I haven't tried the other flavors.
  8. Wow...this cracked me up! I will remember this!
  9. I eat this cereal almost every day, and thankfully it hasn't caused any 'problems' with me so far.
  10. hmm the blueberry fields is good as well as the crunchy cluster ones. maybe you got the pellets kind? I recently bought that and I didn't have any problems but maybe it's cuz I couldn't eat a whole bowl. Tasted too much like rabbit pellets :smile:
  11. I'm talking about the Go Lean Crunch. The Honey almond flax one. The blueberry is child's play. LOL
  12. Kashi cereal doesn't give me problems either... makes me feel good!!
  13. I eat that one a few times a week and haven't had any "side effects":nogood:
  14. Yeah, me neither. I really like the honey almond flax one... So yummy and fills my tummy!
  15. Actually the Go Lean Crunch kinda makes me a little nauseous. I don't know why because I really like it. Maybe I'll add it to a bowl of non-fat yogurt instead of the milk....