1. Does anyone know a retailer that carries this bag? I was also wondering if any of you own it? If so, could you please post pictures? I cannot find this on the MJ site, and could very well be looking in the wrong place. Any help would be fantastic. I like this bag, and would love an honest review from an owner if possible....Thanks ladies!
  2. Here you go..
  3. Thanks for the photo! How much can you fit in the bag? Is it user friendly? I love the espresso color, really beautiful, I think!
  4. It's a big bag. I fit everything I need - wallet, phone, ipod, makeup bag, keys. I've also fit books, magazines, and a jacket when I'm traveling. Very user friendly.
  5. Sometimes www.bluefly.com has it. My friend bought one from them in pink a while ago.:biggrin:
  6. I think I would like either the bright red or the espresso. If anyone sees one, could you keep me in mind?
  7. Is the hardware silver? I love that red! Did they only have the one? If not, could you give me store information? How much did you pay, if you don't mind me asking? If you could pm me with the info, it would be much appreciated! I am loving your collection, Janice!
  8. I haven't seen this bag in my local stores in months. You might want to try eBay - it doesn't appear to be a popular "counterfeit" bag.
  9. okay, i promise i will keep a look out! I have this really weird luck of finding really cool end of season MJ items. Sometimes they are returns and the SA's don't want to put them out so they keep them in the back. I guess its a trade off for paying full price for all the other stuff! lol!!:P
  10. Thanks for being on the lookout!
  11. There's a pink one on bluefly right now...
  12. I love my Karolina! It really is one of my favorite MJ bags and I used mine all summer. There was one at the Neiman Marcus Last Call in Katy Texas. It was $400 but was the smaller size. The color is like the one that bag.lover just posted.
  13. I've seen tons of these at two different Off Fifths, in large and small, and in Cherry Blossom, Petunia Pink, Ferrari Red, and Blue(don't know official name). With the recent holiday sales, they were going for about $350 for small and little over $400 for large. You can call any of them and ask around, I think Off Fifth ships.

    From what I heard, they're great bags.

    I knew someone who was looking for the Large in Espresso and all the auctions she saw on Ebay ended over $700 for these. That's probably the most desired color. It also comes in a cream color.