Kandi's Collection

  1. Here's my modest collection...my passion. I get so much joy out of carrying these lovely ladies. :yes:
    Louis Vuitton:
    black multicolor Speedy
    red epi leather Jasmin
    pomme d amour vernis Houston
    Monogram canvus Ellipse
    Monogram Speedy
    Monogram Beverly
    Monogram pochette
    Monogram porte-tresor internationale
    Monogram Groom Porte Monnaie Rond
    multicolor pastilles keychain
    monogram pastilles keychain
    pastilles pearle keychain
    Fendi zucca spy bag
    Chloe Paddington whiskey
    Chloe Edith whiskey
    Marc Jacobs Stam
    Mulberry Bayswater
    collection.jpg collection1.jpg collection2.jpg collectionaccessories.jpg
  2. Lovely collection! Everything is timeless and classic
  3. Very nice collection!!!
  4. pretty collection!!
  5. AWESOME LV collection... Thanks a lot for sharing!!! :nuts:
  6. thanks for the kind comments everyone. :yes:
  7. Very beautiful collection! I'm mesmerized!:nuts:
  8. jaw dropping. Your collection is lovely. Thanks for sharing
  9. modest??
    it's fantastic - love the stam!
  10. you have loads of bags, i can't focus, they're all too pretty.
  11. nice collection!
  12. gorgeous collection....:drool:
  13. DROOLING over your pomme Houston!
  14. great collection!! thanks for sharing !!
  15. Great collection!