K9 Officer put on leave in Chandler (AZ)

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  1. This story has been haunting me ever since I read it, and there is an angry mob of people here in Chandler who want him to pay for his crime big-time. What sickens me is we just had a similar incident occur in Phoenix a few months back where a K9 Officer left his dog in a hot car while he visited friends in a BAR for an hour! How can these idiots be in charge of innocent animals? It doesn't take a full brain to know how hot the weather is here in AZ! My heart goes out to poor Bandit, who was left forgotten and died in a hot car for over 12 hours after his handler got home from working a double shift. How can you FORGET your dog is in the car?! I had to give my dog extra hugs and treats in Bandit's memory after reading this story. If you can't access the link, search for local news in Chandler, AZ. There are several articles in print and more to come I'm sure. It's so tragic and sad.


  2. Wow, that is a horrid story... how does someone, a police officer no less, forget his dog in the car?!?!?!! Poor Bandit... :crybaby: I just dont get it, ok it's one thing if you're very excited to see your wife and kids and forget about your dog for a couple minutes but TWELVE HOURS?!?! How did he sleep at night!!!!!!

    And the fact that the dept at first didnt want to investigate the event or punish the officer angers me even more :cursing: Why did it have to take a mob for the dpt to do the right thing?!!

    arghhh, I'm frustrated now...

    RIP Bandit.
  3. I just don't get that. Yesterday DH and I and the doggies went to my parents for a day of fun. When we got home, as always, we get the dogs out of the car before we take our belongings in..make sure they are safe in the house then unpack the car. WTF???
  4. This is such a horrible tragedy. That dog would have put his own life in jeapordy for his master and deserved the same devotion in return. My Dad said he heard a story about the Officer's son being involved in a car accident and his mind quickly focused on obtaining the details, location, etc. IMO, there is no excuse for what he did; Bandit was a major presence in his life for four years and they followed the same routine day after day, going to work, coming home. You don't just forget, you just don't.
  5. I can't bring myself to reading the articles. These men are entrusted with the care of their animals. They for an incredible bond with their dogs. For them to do such a thing is, I don't know, unforgivable to say the least.
  6. Due to community pressures, the Sheriff, as well as the police department, is conducting a thorough investigation. I really hope this case stays in the forefront and more information is revealed. It is difficult for me to read articles like this too, especially when it is the second case of the death of a K9 animal within three months. The dog in Phoenix died as well, under the same circumstances. Our laws regarding animal abuse and negligence are simply not strict enough. The penalties are way too lenient.
  7. This fool is "head" of the K-9 unit? This deserves to be a felony! If anyone of us killed this dog it would be a felony, assualt on a police officer. To think of the poor animal suffering like this is shameful and this man deserves the MOST harsh sentence as he was charged with caring for this animal. To think of at the very least this animal costs in training etc to the tax payers and to think of how this dog would have died to save him anyday is sickening that he was this negligent!
  8. wow... correct me if i am wrong.... but i thought that the dog and the cop handler are partners? just like a regular human cop and cop partner?

    how could one leave his partner to die? i think he needs to be charged with animal cruelty....
  10. ^ Anyway we could all get in on it? It makes me lose faith when those who SWEAR to protect do the EXACT opposite and then just brush it off!!! I feel the frustration that these citizens feel. This is absolutely sickening and they deserve the FULL wrath of the public!
  11. Let me know where to sign up. I am floored he is still "on duty." If he had killed a fellow HUMAN officer his a** would already be in jail. So sad to think that that dog would have done anything to protect that man yet he couldn't do the most simple of tasks and got the dog safely out of the heat. I really really would love to smack this guy.
  12. Thank you for posting this.

    I am an AZ resident and sadly, this is the second K9 officer to die this way in the past year.

    I think that both human officers should be fired from their jobs. Period. Inexcusable.
  13. Here is the original article that was published shortly after Bandit's death and before the public outcry when the officer was finally placed on administrative leave.


    My thoughts: Yes, he was out of his normal routine, but learned of his son's accident AFTER going into the house. So, Bandit was forgotten before he even went inside. Also, not stated in the article is that Bandit did not live inside the house with the family; he lived in an air conditioned outdoor kennel in the backyard with other dogs. The daughter had taken food to the dogs earlier in the day and apparently did not notice Bandit was missing.

    The officer's wife made a tearful plea about how distraught the family is and criticizied the public for the backlash and hurtful comments. She called Bandit a part of the family but to me, a family dog lives inside with the family. On the flip side, I have heard that some police departments request K9 dogs live outside so they don't get accustomed to being inside a house and this may be the case with Bandit and the Chandler PD.

    I don't care how bad the family feels, IMO the officer was negligent and at the very least should lose his job or be demoted to a position where distractions won't cause an innocent life to be lost. We all get distracted but one thing I was taught from a young age is to always make sure animals and children are attended to before you take care of your own needs. I once drove all the way to the nail salon when I realized I forgot to leave food for my cat. Sure he would have survived the few hours I was gone, but I drove back home anyway to ensure he had food for the duration.

    And yet another article:

  14. Here's a statement from Carolyn Lovejoy, the officer's wife:
    Source: AR15.com

    From Sgt. Lovejoy's wife:

    "I am going to post this blog only to let you all know that no matter what you say, it is nothing compared to what this man is saying or feeling about himself. The article released a few events but did not portray the entire evening and morning of events. This was a horrific accident with which there is no explanation that can be given to justify why it happened. We loved Bandit and he was part of our family. We are grieving his loss more then you can possibly imagine. It is funny how people think that because he is a police officer, nothing is going to happen. When actually it is because he is a police officer something is going to happen. Nothing that happens to him from this can compare to what he is suffering from within. So with that, I am ending this blog. I ask those of you with any compassion and understanding to remember that we are human and sometimes, something horrible can happen that we would never dream of letting happen, and pray for our family. I will pray for all of you that are saying these horrible things that nothing ever happens to you or your family and people are as callous and horrible to say things to you that will add to your torment."

    - Carolynn Lovejoy

  15. Agreed. Good God.