Justin Dumps Cameron???

  1. aw thats really sad. I really liked them as a couple, They had that kinda cutsie down to earth quality about them.
  2. i think cameron is better off with someone else..
  3. ugh.... that sucks.. dumping her before he goes on a GROUPIE BINGE ON TOUR :cursing:
  4. Sorry everyone, here's what led to this story:biggrin:id you think there would be any fall-out after Justin Timberlake told Ellen DeGeneres that it'd be another 15 years before he's ready for marriage? Well, you were right. A source says Cameron Diaz took the comment as a public slap in the face. And since she doesn't want to be a 50-year-old bride, she's put herself back on the market. In fact, Cameron was spotted with a new man at the NY club Marquee last week. Witnesses say he seemed to be closer to her own age than 25-year-old Justin. And while Cameron was canoodling with her new man, JT was across town at a listening party for his new CD, reportedly letting his eyes wander all over the place.

    This was from the ellen show and Kid Kraddick in the morning.
  5. So it really looks like she dumped him, if this is the case?
  6. ahhh, thats sad, they seemed to be really into each other. Ofcourse it could be a ruse so that they can get married in private ;)
  7. JT is too young to get married and Cameron's clock is ticking.
  8. perezhilton isn't reliable anyhow, who knows!?
  9. It's always sad when people have a change of heart. She is a really pretty girl.
  10. or is it just another "publicity" for his new album??
  11. We will wait for some truth or further info.
  12. Oh, I really hope this rumor is true. Now if only Britney would dump her disgusting backup dancer husband and get back with Justin. :graucho:

    Sorry guys, but i'm ALL for Britney and Justin back together!:wlae:
  13. I think stuff like these takes place when a new project comes out
    it's like free publicity.

    Can anyone say Usher and Chilli?