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  1. In about a month or two I would like to buy a new speedy. It will be a monogrammed speedy because my first speedy I bought was a ebene damier speedy 25. My question is, I want the size that Audrey Hepburn has been seen carrying in the photographs. I would like to know what size did she carry? I know many have said a speedy 30, but I looked at some photos in the "celebs with speedies" thread and the markings on her bag look like a speedy 25. I was looking at the 4 LVs on the side panel and also the eluxury bags. So I was wondering, did she really carry a 25 or 30? Also, are the markings different because her bag is much older than the ones that are made today? Than you very much. :smile:

  2. I think it's a 25 the size was made especially for her but honestly I'm not certain maybe soemone else can confirm
  3. Oooh...I thought hers was a 30. I wonder if that is in the Book of Modern Luxury. Hmmm.... lemme look in it. Be back....
  4. Thanks so much for the replies. So is the speedy made especially for her like the Givenchy perfume? Because eventually Givenchy marketed to the masses. So did LV do the same thing with her speedy?
  5. I could have sworn hers was a 25. I can't remember where I got that information, though...
  6. It looks like a 25 but I'd imagined it might just just slightly bigger... but not as big as a 30? I'm not sure :sad:
  7. I thought it was a 25..not positive though.
  8. I was thumbing through the Birth of Modern Luxury and I couldn't find it, but I did find this tidbit in the Icons book:" The Speedy was born in 1930, but it was in the 1960s, when it was redesigned in new dimensions for Audrey Hepburn, that it captured the hearts of countless women with its characteristic cubic shape."

    No mention of the size. :sad:
  9. I'm not sure but I think the speedy in this picture is a 30. The speedy 25 usually has eight rows of monogram flowers but the pic shows nine which would indicate a 30. The placement of the monograms though are quite different from how they do it now for the 30. I am not an expert. Maybe the authenticators can be more of help. GoodLVck!
  10. Thank you so much for checking for me.:heart: You definitely gave me a history fact that I did not know before this post. So I assume that the modern size might be the same size as whatever bag she had then? Maybe a little smaller.

  11. You're welcome!:smile:
  12. I think its a 25.
  13. i also think it was a 25.
  14. It is a 25.
  15. I always thought it was a 25.