Just wonder...

  1. My 1st question :confused1: : Has anyone here own a CHANEL sport-line bag or Travel line bag like me???

    I got 3 travel line bags and also 2 Sport line bags. Thay are practical and casual look.

    In reality I begin to love CHANEL by seeing a travel line bag. I love tote shopping style bag.

    Or I am an Asian, still at young age so I love those lines :nuts:

    My 2nd question :confused1: : Cabas bag is very famous today. Will it be outdate soon??? I love cabas but I don't think it will be classic as Kelly or Flap.

    My 3rd question :confused1: : Why you guys like CHANEL? For me I began to use brandname bag with an LV bag and then Gucci. After bought 1st CHANEL bag I became addict to this brand. Quality of leather and luxury style- look classy.

    My 4th question :confused1: : Anyone love to wear CAHNEL accessories? For me, I spent more money on CHANEL accessories than bag.

    I love to read all your guys response and I hope my thread don't make you feel bored :smile: Thank you!
  2. Noone answer my thread :crybaby:
  3. I have a bag from the travel line! I really like the material and the casual look too! =)
  4. I saw a travel line bag like the one in your avatar on eBay, but have not purchased one. I only buy Chanel, I don't really care for LV because there are so many fakes being carried where I live. I purchased one LV bag and accessories carried it 3 times and sold it. I love the Chanel accessories and have two pearl necklaces/belts, a cuff, key chain, 3 pair of sunnies & 2 pair of prescription frames. I have wallets, cosmetics cases, 3 pair of shoes and most of the skin care and cosmetic line. I love the Chanel products and do not intend to purchase any other brand. I have a baby cabas on the way and I don't think it will be as classic as the Kelly or GST or Classic Flap. I do however think it is an awesome bag and will be popular for a very long time.
  5. Hi--I just have to agree with you about getting addicted to them. I bought my first in December, then my second two weeks later. Now, that is the only line I am interested in!
  6. 1) I have the black travel bag and the beige tote both of which I love to use especially during the summer for a day at the beach etc.
    2) the cabas is a very pretty bag but it is current and it is always hard to know which styles will last the test of time. (Like the LV Murakami bags which look so dated to me)
    3) I carry Chanel because I don't like falling prey to the "it" bag. When I pay several thousands, I don't want to carry it for just one season. I do think it is an investment. I have already passed down some bags to my teenage niece and hope that my little girl will want to carry them when she is older, too.
    4) I love the accessories and I think they do make the outfit. So I buy quite a bit of accessories. I love being creative with the earrings, scarfs and belts (which can be worn as necklaces). Having said that, they are just costume jewelry and I think the quality is not as good as it should be. I have had MANY fixed and replaced. But I still buy alot because I alot of fun and I have a Chanel piece on everyday.
  7. Penny, You're truly CHANEL lady ;)
  8. My 1st question -Nope...not sport or travel line...but I started carrying chanel when I was 20? Now 22...I started with cambon then classics so I think you should be okay to carry whatever you like

    My 2nd question - if you love it, get it.

    My 3rd question - far less knockoffs and people carrying same stuff as you. plus most the bags are LEATHER based! not canvas or coated fabric ;)

    My 4th question - lotsa girls on this forum love chanel assc. but I don't. Like it simple.

  9. :yahoo: Yeah...At least someone like a travel line like I do.
  10. You're so lucky that can afford a CHANEL bag at young age :yes: I remember my mom bought brandname bag for me when I'm 18. It's a LV bag. After that she bought me around 10 bags. They are Gucci, LV, Celine but not CHANEL. At that time she thought CHANEL was too expensive.

    I got my first CHANEL when I was 23 and today I got 11. ;)
  11. awwww, that's sweet Vicky. I do love Chanel that is the only designer label I buy in handbag,shoes & accessories.
  12. I got my first CHANEL when I was 23 and today I got 11

    Sounds like you are on your way to be a "Chanel Lady" too Vicky!:yes:
  13. Penny, Although my favorite brand is CHANEL but I do purchase other brands. Recently, 2 LVs. They are more cheaper :nuts: .
  14. Hehe..Vicky: no no your very lucky too..my mom never buys me handbags!

    anyway chanel is always gorgeous :smile: so whatever you wear Im sure it'll look great on you!

  15. Thanks Yorelica :roflmfao: .