Just Won My First Paddy!!

  1. I just won my first paddy, I've wanted one basically since they came out, but eventually fell out of love with the medium satchel style...along came the cross-body! :graucho:I placed a bid on a nutmeg cross-body on eBay that just ended, and I won it! I haven't received it yet, so I'm hoping it will be authentic and all will go well with the transaction, but I just had to share my excitement! I will update this thread when I get it!
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    Hooray! :yahoo:
  2. That's beautiful! Congrats
  3. Oh I know that auction, he he. Glad it sold. (It was relisted a couple of times.)
  4. Congrats Kisa! I've seen that on eBay! May I ask how much?
  5. Was it leshent? He is great and only authentic.
  6. Nope, it was just a small-time seller. I linked the auction in the authenticity thread before I bid, here and on tfs. ;) The only reason I worry about the authenticity is because it was listed and bid on before, but I think it was relisted due to non paying bidder, and obviously because anyone could just send a different bag than the one in the pictures. :p Hopefully it will be good! ;)
  7. Congrats - I am loving that style
  8. Congrats! :yahoo: I hope I own my first paddy soon.:graucho: :drool:
  9. Congrats! I know your excitement!! I won a chocolate paddy last night for only $710 shipped!! I paid immediately via VISA and hope hope hope I get it soon! Can't wait!!!
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Absolutely lovely!
  12. Kisa Congrats !!!

    My my .. So many people have scored these past few days. That colour is so chic !

    :shame: I scored my first paddy as well :shame:
  13. Congrats on your new addition! Have fun wearing it! :smile:
  14. Congrats!!! You will love it. I own this one and it's wonderful!
  15. That's a Beauty! Congrats & enjoy:yahoo: