Just wanted to show everyone what I got...

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  1. Hey all. My birthday was yesterday and this arrived in the mail for me. It's from my mommy! :love: Just thought I'd share an unwrapping post. It's not anything too special... Please click the links, because I still don't know how to directly insert pics. :Push:

    (Two boxes, but the other one was cds :cry:smile:

    (Open! :amuse:)


    (What's in there?!)

    (Isn't it cute? :love: )

    (Got bored and took a pic of all of my boxes. Thought I might share because some of you guys keep those, too.)
  2. Happy belated birthday and congrats on your new bag!
  3. Happy Birthday.:nuts:
  4. belated happy birthday and congrats on your new bag. nice bag, nice mom!
  5. Thank you everyone. My mom is really nice. She was a little upset it didn't come yesterday. She was all did it ruin your b-day?! I was like of course not. I spent it with all the people I :love: . The presents are nice, but it feels great to be near loved one. :biggrin:
  6. oh love it --- I am sooooooooo getting that bag :smile: Congrats
  7. ^ Thanks. You should get it. It's so nice to have just a bit of color on the regular mono. I would like a speedy like this, but sometimes too much color doesn't work.
  8. I just saw the bag in the LV store. Congrats, it's very cute!
  9. Thanks! :biggrin:
  10. Happy Birthday and congrats on the new bag. Very nice........
  11. Enjoy your new bag, it's so cute! Happy birthday.
  12. Thanks everyone for being such sweeties. :amuse:
  13. That was nice of your mom, great gift :love: Happy Birthday :biggrin:
  14. Happy happy b-day!
  15. My mom is a really sweet person. :love: Thanks for all the compliments everyone. :biggrin: