Just wanted to send out a THANKS!!

  1. Just wanted to say thanks to Megs, Vlad and the LV mods for the maintanence! I love the new organization--it makes it easier to find the info you need. Also LV forum posters let's be on good behavior becuase I WAS LOST with out all of you :crybaby: --> now :yahoo:
  2. ditto! :flowers:
  3. Yay! Megs and Vlad! Special thanks the Mods! :yahoo:
    Nothing like a scrub a dub dub to keep things moving smoothly!
  4. Mahalo from Hawaii!
  5. I also wanted to say thank you for the organization! It really does make it easier to navigate!
  6. We hope that it will be easier to navigate around the forum for everyone.
  7. Thank you!!!!:heart:
  8. Yes, a big thanks to our mods :flowers:. It's so much organised and professional looking now.

    And also...thanks for bringing it back, I was having bad LV withdrawal symptoms yesterday :wacko:
  9. Thanks to Vlad and Megs, and all the Mods for all the changes.:yes: Good Job putting all the threads Re: everyday LV subjects together!!;) Thank You!!:flowers:
  10. I really enjoy the new Louis Vuitton forum. It's not too different to confuse everyone, but it's laid out perfectly.
  11. Thanks to Megs, Vlad and "the Mod squad"! You all do a fantastic job!
  12. You guys ROCK!!!! Cheers!
  13. Its nice to be back!
  14. haha .. as i was signing in, and scrollin down..i saw LV was back to bold and went *braaaaaaake* lol

    yay its back!!!
  15. Thank you for all your hard work.