Just want to share...

  1. I just want to share my newest chanel and a few other things...
    Hope you enjoy them.
    The white perforated one was my valentine present from my DH.
    chanel.JPG chanel1.JPG chanel2.JPG chanel3.JPG DSCF1052.JPG
  2. What an awesome DH! Thanks for sharing.
  3. lovely collection..
  4. Love the hardware on your new perforated flap. Very nice DH you have there.:tup:
  5. Thank you, anonymous, l-shop and Smoothoprter...
  6. Beautiful collection!
  7. :yes: love the hardware too!!
  8. lovely collection you have there.
  9. i like your stuff :smile: thanks for sharing
  10. There Lovely darling, just lovely!
    Thanks for sharing!!
  11. Thanks for sharing your collection with us!
  12. Gorgeous new bags, congrats ! :yes:
  13. the white one is incredible! Lucky you :tup:
  14. lovely collection! thanks for sharing!
  15. Lucky gal nice collection of bags. Love the white flap.