Just wanna show you girls my JustCavalli bag

  1. I lovelovelove Robert Cavalli and own a few bags made by him.I especially love his Just Cavalli line!
    Unfortunately the majority of my bags are at home :crybaby:oh I miss them terribly, but this baby travels with me!
    I fell in love with this so much, I bought the bigger version too! :heart: The canvas is simply gorgeous and the handles have a nice leather smell , my only complaint is that the bottom of the bag is not leather but canvas :sad: So I have to be very careful when I put it down.

    The first pic shows the true colour, the others look different because of the flash of the camera.

    So are there any other Cavalli fans here?
    100_1083 (Small).jpg 100_1080 (Small).jpg 100_1085 (Small).jpg 100_1092 (Small).jpg
  2. Very nice! Congrats! I do think it would be nicer if the bottom was leather, though.
  3. I don't know why they used the canvas, it's such a pity :tdown: I'm so paranoid about scratching or tearing it!!