Just to say hello

  1. Hi ladies. I'm back from my trip to Europe and just wanted to say a quick hello. The trip was absolutely wonderful, and my team won the world cup match that I went to see so everything was perfect! :biggrin:

    I did look at some gorgeous bags (as well as other things) but many stores didn't have what I was looking for (or my size) since they're now at the end of the season. But, overall the shopping/ window shopping was great as well.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! See you on the boards!!!:flowers:
  2. Jeannie! I was wondering how your trip went!!! Welcome home!!
  3. Welcome back, I'm happy you had a great time.:heart:
  4. Nice to see you back, jeannie77, you lucky girl! Did you meet any footballers (especially those from Liverpool FC)? :biggrin:
  5. Hey ! I just came back from Europe last week as well, welcome back ! ;)
  6. WELCOME back jeannie and ayla - nice to hear you had a great trip :flowers:! Which countrys/cities in Europe was you visiting ?
  7. Welcome Back Jeannie! Glad you had a great time!
  8. Thanks ladies! I went to Frankfurt, Paris, Bordeaux, Nice/Monte Carlo, Milan, and Interlaken... unfortunately I didn't get to see any footballers (boo hoo) but I did some wonderful sightseeing -- especially a lot of the country-side areas around the Swiss Alps, and the wineries in Bordeaux were absolutely gorgeous (so pretty!!!). Were did you go Ayla???
  9. wow you did it all in one trip!!!!! what was ur fav city?
  10. Welcome back!
  11. That sounds like so much fun!!!! Welcome back!!
  12. Welcome back! What a great trip!
  13. welcome home. glad you had a great time.
  14. Ayla, welcome back as well. Where did you go?

    Jeannie, after you've rested (hope you didn't have jet lag), please write more (esp about your experience at the World Cup). :biggrin: Thanks.
  15. welcome back jeanie n ayla.. hope u guys had wonderful time during ur vacation...sounds like u did..