Just sprayed Azur with Wilson's

  1. I was so scared to spray the brand new vachetta on my Azur Speedy 30! I think I read just about every thread possible on treating vachetta, which can almost be more confusing than helpful. :confused1: I finally decided on Wilson's and I just sprayed today. It worked perfectly!:yahoo: No dark spots, or anything! This stuff dries immediately! Just wanted to recommend incase anyone was sitting on the fence, as I was.

    I'll keep you posted on how it wears.
  2. I'm glad to hear that it works! I was in Wilsons to look for that spray because it was recommended on tPF, but I was too scared because Wilson's leather and Louis Vuitton leather are two different things by far. :sweatdrop:
  3. woo! wilson's is my weapon of choice. it is fantastic. i get spray happy when i use it :biggrin: don't be afraid of it, wilson's is your friend! also, buy the AEROSOL, not the pump :smile:
  4. Yes!:yes: I was getting spray happy too! How often do you spray yours Mich?
  5. Awesome!! Glad it worked out for you! My mom picked me up the aerosol recently and just gave it to me today. I am gearing up to spray 2 new bags w/ vachetta trim tomorrow or Fri. morning. I am sort of nervous, lol. Ichelle also used the spray and had great results with it.

    Did you use the aerosol or the spray? At first I accidentally bought the spray from the website and realized that I wanted an aerosol so fortunately was able to get a hold of it.

    ok, so give me a quick tutorial pretty please, lol. Did you have the bag on a small table and a shirt or cloth underneath the bag and then hold it the 6-8 inches away? Did you move your hand as you sprayed it like misting it or did you concentrate the spray on each area? what else can I think of? did you spray the piping? duh I'm sure you did, lol. Oh I'm so nervous!!
  6. I type so slow, ichelle posted in the time i started to write, lol.

    yeah how many times do you spray it? and every year, like once a year to respray it, no?
  7. where do i get to buy this... wilson's spray????:confused1:
  8. There is a website, Wilsons Leather, if you google wilsons leather it will show up. Then you type in leather protector and a bunch of items will come up and you just click on those items and you'll see the leather protector. But they don't seem to have the aerosol always available on the site. So then your other option would be to click on the store locations and just go to the store to pick it up, their shipping was crazy high so it would be better to just pick it up.
  9. Good to hear! I bought all three sprays and really scared to use them and finally threw them all away! :sad:
  10. ^^Wilson's Leather

  11. lol, that is so funny and I totally relate! I have the apple garde spray too, but I'm never going to use it and will toss it when we move next month. I am totally scared but really want to spray my two mono bags w/ the wilsons to make me not so neurotic about using them, it's a psychological exercise for me!:p

    purse addicts(sorry if i got your id wrong), I just checked the website and they don't have it in aerosol, your best bet would be to click on store locator and find the nearest Wilson's Leather store. If you type in 'leather care' on their website it shows you the products they have if you want to wait for it's availability online.
  12. I was wondering how often to respray as well, I used apple but still wondering how often to re-apply?
  13. I think I'm going to do it once a year to every year and a half to be on the conservative side. that was my plan.
  14. I got mine at a Wilson's store, and yes aerosol not pump.

    I pretty much did it just like this! Outside on a small table, paper towels underneath, 6-8 in. away, steady mist, and then more concentrated mist/spray because it was windy and I was afraid the product wasn't hitting the leather very well. And yes....of course I did the piping!:yes: I think I may spray my bags once every 6mo.-1yr.
  15. darn...i ordered from the website a few days ago BEFORE i knew now to order the pump. can i spray from the pump onto a cloth and then wipe on the vachetta?

    do you cover the rest of the bag if it's monogram? how about epi? i imagine vernis i would cover it completely w/ sarah wrap. :sweatdrop: