Just sold my 1st LV on ebay: question before shipping

  1. I had an authentic LV bag that I didn't use so I sold it on eBay so I could buy something new.

    I have to ship the bag but have heard horror stories of folks claiming they received a fake and then keeping the bag and sending a fake back to the seller. How do I protect myself from the possibility of this happening.
  2. you can put a tag on it
  3. Agree with ladyisobel, put secret tag on your bag and try to take pics to record package processing. Good luck
  4. Absolutely use a tag that has to be cut off to be removed. Also agree with lngodiva, take pics of the packing process.
    It's a shame a seller has to take these steps, though.
  5. Also as an added precaution send the bag with insurance and signature required upon delivery, so she can't claim that she didn't receive the bag.
  6. i agree. put a tag on it with you eBay id. let them know you are putting the tag on, also take pictures packing and shipping it off @ the post office.make sure the date is set on your camera.
  7. The tag is a good idea. Apart from that its just faith I'm afraid.

    Take photos of everything possible (even joins in the edging) so that if they do try to pull a switch on you, you can go back to the photos and see if the joins are in the same place etc.

    Its a shame when you have to do this but its better to try and protect yourself.

    Definately send it so that delivery has to be signed for.
  8. I do the tag thing...good luck, I am sure that it will all work out just fine!
  9. can someone please show a picture of where you put the tag on and the type of tag you are using? Thanks!
  10. Go over to the eBay purse board..they talk about this all of the time..one of them probably has a photo they could just shoot over to you. The tags they use are Tyvek.

    Another way to do this is to use a pen that can only be seen by a black light. That way..no mark...the bag is not yours. You can get a small pen at a toy store.