Just Returned My Khaki Baby Cabas

  1. PM me if you want it my SA is holding it for 2 hours.
  2. Yay! I got it! Thanks so much for posting about this! I paid overnight shipping so I can get it early next week! Soooo excited!
  3. ^^ Whoo-hoo, congrats ocgirl!
  4. yay!!:yahoo:
  5. Good for you ocgirl! I hope get so lucky and snag a navy cabas.
  6. May I ask why you returned it? I have one coming on Monday and I ordered it based on seeing it in pix only, havent seen it in person yet, so I am curious why you decided to return it.... thanks!
  7. OhDonna -

    I decided to go with a grey bag instead. I wear a lot of black and grey year round and would use the grey more. However, I really had a hard time deciding because the bag is really, really beautiful. Especially the chain and logo in rose color.
  8. ^^ yippy, congrats sweetie!!! :yahoo:
  9. Congrats.....pic please!
  10. Congratulations !! I love to see that the bags always go within the tPF community !
  11. LOL.....how cute..at least another PFer got her Khaki!