Just returned from Paris... with my first Birkin!!!

  1. DH and I just returned from Paris last night after spending 3 weeks in Europe. And on our last 2 days there I decided to stop by the Hermes shop around the corner from our hotel (on George V) to see what they have. I was politely greeted by this SA who later showed me a 30 in Chocolate brown with PH, which turned out too small for me (I'm only 5'4 but I LOVE huge bags!) The nice SA then directed me to their main store on St Honore where I found 3 more Birkins (2 in 35 and 1 in 40) To make a long story short... I walked away with the big Birkin and an even bigger smile on my face! :smile:

    I was super suprised by how nice all the SA were in Paris! I walked into their boutiques under the impression that I was probably going to be ignored and no chance in heck was I going to be shown a Birkin. So I walked in to Hermes in sneakers, backpack and a map on DH's hand (we're tourists.. what can I say! :p) and was warmly greeted by the SAs in both George V and the main store. They were even nicer than the SA in my local SCP Chanel boutiques!

    Well anyway, please allow me to introduce my newest addition to my handbag collection -- my 40cm black Birkin in Chevre leather with GH. This is my first ever Birkin (also my first post in the Hermes forum :p) and I can't wait to start toting her around!

    PS...yikes.. birkins can be really heavy, can't they! :p

    Thanks everyone for allowing me to share my joy~
    DSC07961.jpg DSC07993.jpg DSC07999.jpg
  2. OMG!!!:nuts: She is GORGEOUS!!! CONGRATS to you!!! Wear her in the best of health!
  3. That is one Gorgeous birkin! Congratulations!!!! What a fabulous souvenir from Paris!
  4. Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing this with us!
  5. hi orecat

    really happy for u...enjoy yr gorgeous bag. By the way , u look beautiful ..

    The other 2 ..35 birkins..what colour/leather are they in??? I'm eyeing on this size..
    Do u think that this size 35.. too small for me I'm abt 5'5

    can share yr purchase price?? I've posted this question in yr other post too (was hoping u dun miss my question,,sorry)
  6. Wow!!!!! Congratulations!!!

    Black chevre looks so amazingly rich and delicious! Fabulous!!!!!!!
  7. congrats! your new birkin is gorgeous!
  8. CONGRATS. It's amazing. I absolutely love Chevre. The little sparkle just makes it a little extra special. I hope you love it for many years to come.
  9. Gorgeous!! Congratulations, what a perfect ending to your trip!!
  10. wow! that is gorgy!!! it looks great on you! how did you tote it home?
  11. congrats...what a great find
  12. Thanks everyone for your kind comments! I'm new to Hermes and don't have a clue with all the different leathers (I hope I picked the right one :p)
    dleesy, I paid 5600 euros for it and the VAT return is 10% (560 euros). So the final price would be 5040 euros (something like $6900 in USD?)
  13. Congratssssssss! It is so beautiful! :smile:
  14. Your new Birkin looks fabulous on you! I really like the look of larger bags, too :nuts: Congratulations!
  15. Gorgeous!!! Congrats on your beautiful new bag!!!