Just Received bag but not as described! Help!

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  1. Need some advice. Today I just received the Manhattan GM I won on Ebay. I was sooo excited but then when I opened the bag, I was shocked...

    In the auction it was described as brand new, pristine condition except for 2 pen marks inside. I looked at pics and in the pics, the hardware looked pretty good, and there didn't appear to be any marks on the vachetta or canvas. I asked the seller if there were any marks and he said no, the bag was in excellent condition. I asked if the piping on the bottom was worn, and he said no. Thhe pics didn't show any ware either.

    I got the bag and oh my.... it looks old :sad: older than it did in the pics for some reason. The vachetta is much darker than it appeared in the pics (he even claimed it was a light honey but it's def medium at least). There's pen marks and water marks on the vachetta, while he claimed it was totally clean, with no marks! In the pics, I didn't notice these marks. Probably due to the lighting...

    I filed a claim with ebay & notified my credit card company. The seller responded saying that he'd refund me $150 but no more... I paid much more for the bag though :sad: I'm so sad, I was really excited about this bag you guys :sad:

    What should I do??? I've never been in a situation like this before... the ebay rep gave me the impression that if the seller didn't work things out with me, then ebay would take care of it. I don't know if I can believe that... Any advice? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    I need that money back; otherwise I won't be getting this bag anytime soon...

    arg... I'm so frustrated! Help!
  2. check the ebay forum... but he did a bait and swift or did not use his own pictures...

    you will need to call ebay and paypal for a full refund. if he gave you a partical refund, decline it. if he sent it your pay pal account dont accept it...

    eBay Phone Number(s) 866-934-9647
    PayPal Phone Number(s) 888-221-1161 Press 0 or say 'agent' at each prompt,
    you should be able to start a dispute right from the listing page...
  3. You need to absolutely move your post to the ebay subforum as soon as possible. There are a ton of experts there who will know exactly what you need to do, and they respond very quickly. It's hard to know if he sent you the same bag that he advertised for, that's a concern. I believe you should work with ebay and file a SNAD claim, significantly not as described, they should help you to get all your money back. The most important thing is to keep your communication with this seller through the ebay mail system, not private email, that way ebay has access to all the sellers responses to you etc. Again, please post in the ebay subforum, they are awesome and have helped a lot of people in the same situation! Good luck, I hope you get all your money back!
  4. Im so sorry that happened to you! I understand your frustration. I rarely get bags on ebay but the same thing happened to me when I purchased a Burberry watch. It was clearly a fake and the pictures did not match the item.
    DONT WORRY, if the seller does not want to give all your money back, CLAIM IT again or tell him that you will notify Paypal. Heres the process: whenever you purchase something through ebay, paypal is used by default. Paypal in this case holds the money UNTIL the buyer is completely satisfied with the item. Paypal WILL NOT release the funds to the seller IF you had a negative experience. I'm glad you filed a claim right away because this means that the seller is NOT getting is money yet. The process might be lengthy, but I'm 99% sure you WILL get it back-- that is why one of the options for the claim is "item not as described." They understand how important it is for the buyer to be satisfied.

    I recommend you take pictures of the bag you received and keep it as a reference. During the claim process, you can also copy and paste the messages you and the sellers sent each other (even though I think ebay has a copy of it, but do it anyway in order to make sure they are aware about the whole situation.)

    I hope this helps! :hugs:
  5. Moving on over to eBay forum - the forum`s regulars will be able to help you with this. :yes:
  6. Clearly qualified for SNAD. One can not described a bag of brand new-pristine condition even with a couple of small pen marks, it's used bag! I will file a dispute straight with Paypal if I were you, but you already filed one with eBay?
    Call eBay and demanding that they take a look of your dispute, and explain the situation hopefully they will decide fast (of course in your favor) I found out that filing dispute with Paypal will generate faster result-while with eBay will take longer.
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    OP.. you have done the correct thing ATM... filing an ebay dispute. Ebay has a new Buyer Protection Policy, which you should read http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/buyer-protection.html
    Ebay is now handling most disputes for ebay purchases, rather than referring to PP.

    Please note that you CANNOT have an ebay/PP dispute AND a CC charge back ongoing at the same time. Ebay will close the dispute if you file a CC charge back.

    In your ebay dispute, make sure that you have very specifically described the issues w/ the bag that were NOT disclosed by the seller or in the auction. Add that you did question the seller about marks on vachetta/canvas and seller said NONE, but indeed upon receipt there are specific marks wherever. You can also take close-up clear photos of the issues w/ the bag, upload to an album in photobucket, and copy/paste the link in your ebay dispute.

    It's a time consuming process. You need to provide as much concrete evidence as possible to support your dispute and prove your case. Ebay will typically find in a buyer's favor in instance of SNAD, if the buyer provides valid evidence.

    Don't be frustrated. Be very calm & precise. And.. *sigh*... PATIENT.
    And do CALL Ebay if you have any questions.

    ETA.. and as Nordysgirl has said ONLY communicate w/ the seller via the dispute. DO NOT use private email. And DO NOT close your case until you are refunded.
  8. Either way, eBay or Paypal will side with the Buyer anyway for a SNAD dispute, so no need to worry as a Buyer.
    I still prefer going to Paypal directly, but that is just me.

  9. Be interesting to see what the future holds for the dispute process.
    PP has now revised it's HELP Center to state:
    I have a problem with an eBay transaction. What can I do?

    Question : Answer : If there’s a problem with something you bought on eBay, you can go to eBay’s Resolution Center for help. We recommend this option for eBay purchases because you can now resolve disputes on the same site that you purchased an item. Our new process allows buyers and sellers to call eBay if needed.

    Here’s how to reach the eBay Resolution Center:

    1. Log in to your eBay account.
    2. Click eBay Security & Resolution Center at the top of the page.

    If you have a problem with a purchase you made at a site other than eBay, you must file a dispute through the PayPal Resolution Center.


    BUT.. in another section it also does state :Alternately, you have the option to file a dispute through the PayPal Resolution Center.

    And it will be interesting to see how PP disputes are handled. I have seen some PP disputes referred back to ebay, if was an ebay transaction. Be nice if they would just get consistent.
  10. You may file SNAD.
  11. Escalate your claim as soon as possible to be decided by eBay. Be thorough and specific in your communication, but you don't have to include pictures. I've spoken with eBay about my own SNAD cases in the past, and they specifically told me that they don't look at pictures. :P Just be honest and enumerate everything that is not as described. Try not to worry; I've had to deal with a lot of these cases, and every one of them has been rightfully decided in my favor. :yes:
  12. Pursepleasure.. I'm not clear as to which GM you are referencing in this post, as it looks you may have purchased more than 1?

    As best I can tell from the auctions, 2 of the listings stated wear and pen marks.
    The 3rd said pristine & brand new, but does not reference any pen marks?

    Gosh, I hope they weren't all SNAD!