just questionnaires on ur shopping habits and ur background and hg cosmetics!

  1. Do you own your premier designer bags from other people money supports(parents/hubby/boyfriend/gifts) or your own?
    What do you work as?
    Do you spend on designer bags or clothes or shoes or accessories?
    At what age do you buy your designer items using your own money?
    Do find all designer clothings are high quality?(I buy things based on quality+style than because of brand names. I conduct my own products checkup like stretch the products or meticulously check every single details on the products.)
    I've read about this research conducted by hg cosmetics company, they spend about 536 million dollars on R&D alone. The thing is
    with such a lot of money pour into such research, sometimes I hope
    the products they put in the market can provide results fast and last for a long term.
    But sadly why these products have the positive effects for let's say 3-6 months period.(with millions of money on R&D)
    I've heard about this so many times.:confused1:
  2. (anyone here millionaire/billionaire)?
    Do save yourself at least 20k each month so you could buy new bags?