Just purchased this...what do you think?

  1. OOH! I love this one...What did u end up getting it for?
  2. I paid 681.15
    will post pics when it gets here,
    i'm very excited but don't know if it's too much for a nylon bag.......my a prada virgin.......
  3. ^ooh! Awesome Price!!!!!
  4. I think it's quite lovely. :p Enjoy it!!
  5. I love it!

    I think you can never have too many black bags!
  6. I love it too! Congratulations! We want modeling pictures when you get it...:yes:
  7. Thank you all! I'm very excited....the next bag that I am saving up for is the miu miu napa spring.......
  8. VERY Pretty!!! I got my first prada a few months ago and I'm hooked!!!
  9. :yahoo: I saw that and love it!!! Great deal too!!!! Post pics when you get it! :yahoo:
  10. Nice shape and a great price! Enjoy.
  11. Casto! Which Prada did you get? I saw your comment about needing a wallet to go with your Prada. So? GIMME PICS PLEASE??? :yes: :yahoo:
  12. :woohoo: very very nice!! it's such a great classic shape and design! (very much what you'd want/expect from a Prada bag to be "in" through many seasons!)
  13. Great price-congrats
  14. I love this bag! Btw, have you seen this bag in gold logo and gold studs? I saw something similar to your bag, albeit smaller (about half the size) but with gold prada logo a while ago online... wondering whether the gold logo belongs to this season :smile: