Just ordered the LV UNICEF bracelet Release date Dec 20

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  2. Hi, I didn’t get one yet:smile:
    Great questions though. Hopefully someone can answer.
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  3. Also wondering if it’s easy to take off the bunny charm haha.
  4. Looking for pictures of this in action. Want to support UNICEF and also a fan of Sophie Turner (sansa!)
  5. 2FC4477E-2564-4A26-9F93-1BF76A9D81B8.jpeg
    I opted for the sterling chain version. Here it is next to my cape cod bracelet. It’s tinier than I anticipated but still strong and oh so cute. Also good cause!!! I plan to keep wearing it every day and never take it off. Not sure what repair options are available should I have an issue so fingers crossed. The cord version is the same size as this. The necklace lock is a bit larger.
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  6. I just got a replacement for my bracelet. The claw (not sure the name) to lock it broke. Instead of repairing, they replaced the bracelet. I’m thinking for repairs, it’ll depend on what the issue is.
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  7. Interesting! My claw closes but there is a tiny gap between the moveable claw edge and the metal claw. Not big enough for the chain to slip through, but also not a tight and confidence inducing fit. I’ll have to have LV look at it next time I’m in. Hopefully since it was a gift it won’t be a problem if it breaks. :hrmm:
  8. Mine started with a tiny gap and then just completely broke off. Or at least I think it broke off. I'm really not sure what happened. Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen to yours. LV did a good job taking care of mine even if it took months.
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  9. I just ordered the sterling UNICEF bracelet as well. Cant wait to get it.
  10. Is there a way to track the number on the bottom of the lock it? Just wondering should I need repair since mine was a gift technically and isn’t under my personal account.