Just ordered the LV UNICEF bracelet Release date Dec 20

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  1. Will get a pic of it. Red and white this year! So cute. Gift for daughter. :smile:
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  2. Would love to see it! Is it on website or did you order in store?
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    Courtesy of Foxylv on Instagram
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  4. Back as posted by Foxylv
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  5. Could you please let me know the item number/how you ordered? Thank you!
  6. I really like this one! I feel like this type of material looks more substantial than the last kind they used. Is that a dog charm in the back of the bracelet?
  7. Hey all! I’m so glad this alliance of LV-UNICEF continues and the bracelet this year is lovely! I’m thinking to buy it :hbeat:

    Here is more info. about the SILVER LOCKIT BRACELET BY SOPHIE TURNER, STERLING SILVER (Item Number Q95705):

    “Taking as reference the iconic Silver Lockit by Luis Vuitton, Sophie Turner creates a bracelet with white and red cord from which hangs a pendant with the engraved illustration of a rabbit, inspired by her latest tattoo.”

    "The bracelet is destined to attract and preserve the fate of the people to whom we allocate the funds, the idea is to unite people from all over the world because UNICEF is a global project and Louis Vuitton is traveling. luck in China and white represents the purity of the animal represented in the charm, white rabbits and coney legs are considered lucky charms in many parts of the world”, says the actress.

    66CC8603-185D-440F-B9AF-934E666D4CBD.jpeg 0E6C1204-941D-48F4-942D-112ADB97BC06.jpeg
  8. Anyone know the price $$??
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  10. This bracelet was released on November 20th to coincide with ChildrensDay. Have to check it out in store first before committing. I own two of the unicef bracelet as I work with children and will continue to support the cause.
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  11. Thanks, I didn’t know you work with children! That’s awesome:smile::smile:
    I love this design so much!
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  12. I'll be going to the store Sunday where hopefully they can order one for me. It's for a great cause and I'm feeling overwhelmingly charitable this year. I just want to give and help everybody.
  13. Yes for over 20 years...since my teens and wouldn’t have it any other way
    I act like one sometimes lol
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  14. Ha ha:smile: it keeps you young :heart:
  15. How does the cord hold up to daily use? IE if I put it on and never took it off how would it wear? I’m really drawn to it and would like to add it to my everyday stack. Worried it’ll stretch out and fray and the white will turn dingy though. Does LV replace the cord free for life like Cartier does with their cord bracelets?
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