Just ordered Tanagerine MAM

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  1. from revolve clothing. I should get her 16-21 April. I'm sure I will like her with all the great reviews. Had to get my Night Blue MAM a sister lol. Hmmmm wondering to self will I be ordering a RM every month :confused1::confused1:
  2. ^^ordering once every month...that could happen. It happened to me... Good luck..this is addictive:yes:
  3. LOL. It's definitely a possibility.

    I ordered 3 in one week last month. All WINES. :shame:

    I've managed to slow down a bit since then... :blush:
  4. Please post picks when she gets here! I'm trying to decide between MAB and MAM.

    It isn't hard at all to order one per month! Or more...
  5. I just got my tangerine MAM and I think it is a little small. The leather is lovely, such wonderful quality, but the overall size is a bit limiting. I think the regular morning after bag would work better for me. Guess I'll be sending this one back.
  6. Once a month...hmm I think not...I also ordered a Berry Morning After today:confused1:
  7. i just got a mam tanger and love the bag-i am used to carrying bigger bags but i am getting used to it-i have a mab night gold and i feel like it is a little to big
  8. I LOVE mine - I'm sure you'll love yours too!
  9. So impressed and jealous! If there was a "bow down" smiley, I would give you one right now! :flowers:
  10. Awesome, you'll love it!!
  11. i love that - sooooooooooo jealous!!! Congrats!!!