Just ordered Sweet Flowers Scarf!

  1. It looks like I nabbed the last Blue one on eLuxury too! I feel so excited, it is a Christmas present for my Mum, hopefully she'll like it. :smile:

    Does anyone have this scarf? Is it a good size? How do you like it?

  2. congrats !!! I love the colours on it, take pics when it arrives :smile:
  3. Congrats, that print is so gorgeous!!
  4. I'ts so pretty, I was thinking of getting one too! Take pics when you get it :drool:
  5. I have the bandeau in red! I think the blue scarf will be beautiful, especially if you have any Azur!
  6. I don't have any LV scarves, but I just got an Hermes scarf and I know they are about the same size about 36" square. Your mom will adore it, I'm sure. I think the colors are very neutral and denim-friendly.