Just ordered my AC Mini City in Ruby!

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  1. I ended up at Nordies and had an SA do a search for me in their system and she found tons of them, mostly West Coast.

    Since I had $300 in gift cards, I paid most of it that way. I should have it in a week. I figure if I hate it, I return it and I can get whatever I want then.
  2. Yay ame! The AC ruby is really pretty, I hope you like the bag when you get it and that it will suit your needs. The fact that it was almost free doesn't hurt, either.
  3. YAY! I wish I would have gotten her to do expedited shipping ;)

    That's how I looked at it...barely paying anything out of pocket rocked. I have been OBSESSING about getting a "flat" bag for a good while now, and I finally tracked down one I like. And the fact that this SA was cool enough to help me find one so I could use my "free money" was even cooler!

    I figure this way if I find a worthy replacement for the carolina herrara lust object then I will have the best of both worlds ;) But this is cute enough even folded over and I can ALMOST get it on my shoulder as a shoulder bag without that longer strap. Just a few more lbs lost and Ill be there! (38lbs so far, 40 more to go!)

    I love the way the ruby looks on my screen online but I haven't seen it in person so I am a bit nervous. I also hope it's not too shiny. The size was PERFECT, it was the same size as my current bag.

    DH said it looks like a garment bag. :confused1::rolleyes:
  4. Congrats! on the weight loss and finding a great bag with little out of pocket! I have the City Tote and luv, luv, luv it. I will most def get a few more!
  5. ^ Haha that shows what men know about purses right? I have seen the ruby and it is LUSCIOUS!! I hope you like it! And its even greater because its like getting it practically for free!! I love SA's that are so nice and helpful=)
  6. I just used my AC City today and it is awesome. So lightweight and roomy. Can't wait for my platinum one to get here.
  7. yea our Nordies ROCKS. I just love that store.

    Thanks for the congrats on the weight loss (and the bargain!)! Its been a lot harder than I thought, but it's paying off in the numbers. HOPEFULLY there will be much more in the way of inch loss here soon. *I* see no difference in the area between my butt and neck but my face, neck and legs are realllly showing the loss. Hopefully soon my arms and belly and boobahs will start to dissipate.
  8. I really liked the Platinum, but the tobacco and gunmetal and something tan - colored were all to die for. I definitely could see myself getting a brown of some sort too.
  9. Were the City Totes on sale by chance?
  10. There's a gunmetal on kate boutique for $272.00. I'm looking for a metal city in any color combo. Lost out on the black/platinum on eBay :sad:
  11. Nope, not at Nordies but they had a bunch of Coach and Michael Kors stuff on clearance.
  12. Me too!
  13. Do tell!
  14. There were A LOT of signature flap bags, I don't know the names of them, many color combos. Some patchwork totes....a bunch of wallets.

    Then on the Michael Kors were several metallic bags, shaped like a Twiggy. I couldn't tell you the style name.

    There were some Elliot Lucas, a couple Jill Stuart, and some other one that was weird looking that I saw no brand on.
  15. Hmm, this is an interesting thread. I ordered a platinum mini, and was surprised to find when it arrived 2 days ago that it is gold. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention, but I thought it would be closer to a silver color. I thought maybe the gold looked cheesy. Have you folks that say you like it seen it IRL? Your thoughts please before I return it???