Just Ordered A Damier Geant Archer!!!

  1. Hi:

    :yahoo:Just had to tell somebody who would understand!!

    I went to Luxury-Shops.com and bought a Damier Geant Archer, which is similar to the Monogram Gange that I all ready had, but larger!

    I got the black color, which is a lot of what I wear anyway.

    Wish me luck. I'll know about shipping in a day or so since my credit card company just called to make sure this wasn't a fraudulent purchase,:rolleyes:

  2. Congrats!
  3. Thanks. I'll try to post some pics. Here's from the website anyway:

  4. Not familiar with that web site.
    Is their stuff authentic?
  5. congrats!!!
  6. I never knew of that site before....... I thought you could only buy from eluxury? I like the Archer!
  7. That kinda looks like a fake. It might be real though. I don't wanna be too quick to judge.
  8. Please don't just *assume* something is fake. If you're not sure of it, don't say anything...it's better than saying that something looks fake but it may be real. You were already judged the bag too quickly.

    That website is an online consignment store, pretty much like let-trade. All their stuff is authentic.

    My guy friend has that very same bag, and from the pictures on their site (which I have looked at previously before even reading this post) the bag the OP purchased is AUTHENTIC.
  9. geez sorry :sad: *keeps his mouth shut from now on*

    Great bag though. I love the DG line!
  10. Just remember next time before judging how you'd feel if someone said that the bag you just bought looks fake ;) No need to be sorry for anything.
  11. :yahoo: I agree!
  12. I agree with you being excited, not all of the drama going on! Just wanted to clarify!
  13. No problem. I'd all ready done my research prior to purchasing. I knew I was getting an authentic bag.

    I had previously found the site by googling on my own, but under LV Shopping there was a thread someone posted listing the top internet sites where it was practically guaranteed that whatever you bought from them was an authentic LV. Luxury-Shops.com was listed there, and I have run across it in several other threads on the forum.

  14. congrats the shipping from them is awsome and really quick they are great!!!
  15. Congratulations.