Just listed my item but its not showing up!

  1. So I've listed a item on ebay about 20 mins ago....
    and when I do a search to see how it looks I cannot find it! (I've request to have the gallery picture also) and I don't see it at all :confused1:

    Does it take a couple hours before it officially shows up when users attempt to search for it?

    Thanks guys for your help. I barely ever use Ebay (only when Im desparate) hehe.. So I'm Cluelessss!!!
  2. It takes a while--particularly for some reason with handbags.
  3. I listed a bag yesterday and it took a little over 6 hours for it to show up in search...very frustrating...
  4. Yes, same with me. I listed a bag last Sunday and it took more than six hours too.
  5. yeah, Ebay has been having issues lately and it takes a while for most items to show up. I listed some Lacoste polos the other day and it took 4 hours for all 3 to pop up.
  6. Ah gotcha~! thanks guys :smile:
  7. Btw so they take 3% of the remaining value (after 30$) if an item sells right?

    Its somewhat confusing for me because I'm so bad in math :sad:
  8. Actually it's 5.25% of the first $25 of the listing value, plus 3% of the difference between the listing value and the sale value. (This is for items that sell for $25.01 up to $1000.)

    So, let's say you list a bag for $75 and it ends up selling for $100. The final value fee is calculated like this:

    5.25% of the first $25 = $1.31, plus
    3.00% of the remainder ($100 - $75 = $25) = $0.75, so
    Total FVF = $1.31 + $0.75 = $2.06

    But don't worry, eBay will calculate all this for you :smile: