Just like magic....silver to gold!

  1. Wow I really hope this will become a regular thing at Chanel, i so want to change from gold to silver. I don't even use my jumbo anymore because it has ghw. Stupid I know. But I will be going to Paris in july so will Ask them at the Rue Cambon store.
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    Do you know if they will seal my lambskin if i bought it at Nordstrom instead of the boutique? I had plans to go to NY next wkend but cancelled bc my bf wouldnt be able to go but now I'm thinking about going by myself just to get this done on my beige clair lambskin. Did the boutique on 57th seal ur bags? And how long did it take for you to get it back? Please let me know, thanks!!!!
  3. There is a lot of interesting and good info in this thread. I really like the idea of having the option to send a lambskin bag in for sealing. Sometimes there are lighter colors that I love in lamb, but wouldn't purchase because I'm afraid of getting them dirty. The question remains as to whether an older lamb bag can be sent in for cleaning and then be sealed as well. Maybe someone can test that for us?

    As for the hardware color exchanges, I'm happy for the OP but I'm on the fence about the idea as a whole. I can understand how someone could have their heart set on a color combo and want their hardware changed out.

    I'm someone who prefers their bags to be in the original condition (or restored to original condition if repaired). It would bother me to have the hardware color and the stamp in different colors. I'm also on the fence about them sending back the original hardware with the bag after replacement. It is really nice to have your original hardware, but doesn't that possibly open up a can of worms for counterfeiters? If I was looking for a pre-owned bag, I wouldn't buy something not restored to original hardware condition. But that's just me, other people might be open to it with no problem.

    Thanks for all of the good posts and info everyone! OP, congrats on your gorgeous refurbishment! Your bag looks lovely.
  4. Bump.. Has there been any updates if hardware can be changed?
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  5. I would like to know too! Anyone here has done it? Any information will be great.
  6. I haven't done it, but when I was at Chanel couple weeks ago, I asked about it and the SA said that it can be done!! Pretty cool~
  7. May i know which Chanel did you ask? And do you have any idea how much the cost is?

    Thanks! :smile:
  8. Not sure how much, but I was at Chanel on Robertson blvd in LA. When I asked about it, he said some of it can b done in house, but others may b needed to b sent out.
  9. in the house? ohh no! I wouldn't take the risk! lol. I wonder if you can switch it back and forth though. Thanks so much for this info! :smile:
  10. how about the zipper inside the bag? they change it or just leave it as original silver?
  11. That is great news for everyone who regrets getting SHW lol.

    Your bag looks fantastic!
  12. The actual zipper is the beige of the "beige claire" and they changed the zipper pull to gold. All of the hardware is completely changed to gold...just the stamp is not (which I thought would bother me but does not at all). :smile: