Just in from Coach...check out the new bag!

  1. My SO gave me a gift certificate to Coach because he didn't know what to get me for Christmas. So went in the Coach store today. I didn't really see anything I wanted. I'm waiting for the Heritage Stripte Tote to show up in stores.

    We both ended up liking this purse. ALL my purses are black but I decided to get brown to break from the norm.

    Here she is!

    My new Hampton's Signature Hobo! :yahoo:


    I tried to take modeling pics but they didn't turn out so well. :sad:
  2. Ohhh very nice! I love that bag!!
  3. Congrats! I love your hobo! Is the trim on your bag black?
  4. Congrats! I love your bag!
  5. Thanks!

    The trim is a mahogany brown. It's so nice!

  6. I had seen it in leather and wasn't to thrilled about it but I LOVE the signature. I'm just a signature girl at heart!
  7. Lovely bag, congrats :tup:
  8. Super pretty! Congrats!
  9. Nice!!!
  10. Congragulations, is good to change the norm and good for your SO.
  11. I love hobos. Congrats!
  12. oohh I love it!! :drool: If you get a chance, PLEASE post some modeling pics.. I would love to see them, I think you just showed me my new love! :love: Congrats! :tup:
  13. What a great SO. Love the bag too!
  14. Congrats! I just sold one of those in black today. :tup:

    Definitely one of my fave styles mainly because I love black + silver HW.
  15. Very cute.Congrats!