Just how sexy are tan lines?

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  1. So .... i LOVE when LV bags patina the more the better .. so my SA told me
    that if you want to rush the process, to "tan" it (leave it in the sunlight, of course not in extreme heat) or just under light thus why their display bags have patina ...

    So my monogramouflage keepall has been sitting outside for 2 days, and my luggage tag I simply just removed it, but didnt fully separate them ..



    has this ever happened to any of your items?
  2. oooh no, but it should even out eventually?!
  3. Thatssssss soooo funnnnny....HAHA I think its cute...im ganna do that to alll my bags now...leave them in the sun lol
  4. This hasn't happened to me yet, but I do leave my bags out in the sun to accelerate the patina process. LV bags are much more stunning and "classic"-looking when the leather turns a dark-ish honey color. =)

    Yours should even out eventually. It's no big deal.
  5. You would not have any reason to separate your tag from the tag strap, so even if it took months or years, the tan line would naturally be there. So you haven't done anything wrong other than forget to separate the tag from strap, but it really looks more like the way it's meant to look, kwim? It is just the natural aging of vachetta and ha, yes, it is sexy. Looks natural.
  6. hahah thanks you guys, i just thought it was really funny how it looked, and I just needed to share :P
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. #8 Feb 5, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2009
    I didnt rush the process on my monogramouflage but i have that little white line where the tag connects to the strap and that is just how it is - i have a few mongram duffles of varying sizes and if you take the strap off the tag you will see the same thing. I like it - like looking at the lines in a tree trunk the more contrast in color the more you can tell how old it is or how often you have used it :smile:
  9. i lvoe tan lines.... they eventually all blend in.

    and i love the title of the thread!
  10. I noticed alot of the monogramouflage pieces the patina was REALLY dark, but some were alot lighter, I got mine wiht light patina but now it looks AMAZING! :biggrin:

    and I also noticed on my monogram keepall the strap also as tan marks,
    i think its really funny, and actually really cool, that someone would
    use this kind of materials and make every single piece one of a kind