Just how limited are the Mirroirs?

  1. I'm wondering just how limited these mirroirs will be? I am so excited to be getting one but I have never seen anyone IRL carrying any of these bags. Mirroir seems like the "unicorn" of purses....a mythical thing!
  2. I was thinking that they are pretty limited, but I've read many girls on the LV subforum say they are getting them. I wonder how many of them were made?
  3. Latest news is that the lockits miroir will be permanent.
  4. ^ I very much doubt that.:hrmm:

    I don't know if everyone who is expecting one will get one since i think the smaller the boutique the less the boutique will get but they are being sent them slowly i heard!
    I guess we wont really know how limited they are until more people start getting them!

  5. is it??? the sa that i spoke to just now just said it's limited edition...
  6. I highly doubt that the Miroir Lockit is perm. that goes against everything the look book says, what most SAs have said and the opinion of most tpfers. I really think that this is not accurate, no offense but I think this info isn't quite right.
  7. None taken... ;)

    I was surprised as well because I was telling customers too that it was limited.

    That is sometimes why we as SA's give you the "supposedly" wrong information...things get changed.
  8. I just called 866 and was told the miroir lockit is very limited, even more so than the previously released winter collection . Just fyi.
  9. ^ Thanks for the conformation!
  10. The miroirs are limited edition pieces. The miroir lockit will be limited as well.
  11. Also confirmed this w/the leather goods manager at my boutique, they recieved just five and all are spoken for.
  12. I was told the speedy is much more limiyed that the lockit here in the UK
  13. I think they're pretty limited. My store's will get 1 for sure, but definitely not more than 2
  14. the miroir lockit is very limited! My store got only two. One in gold - one in silver.

    And I got the gold!
  15. I spoke to many people (866, many SAs in many locations - - > BKK, London, CA, IL, OH), all of them said it' very limited.

    Many of the stores closed their waitlist, and all of pieces are already taken.

    Most of the stores that I asked said that there will be one shot only and they got only 2-3 pieces.


    While other people outside have yet know about it; I think most of tPF members will get one if they are on the WL, because we knew that it'll be comming.

    :dothewave: to tPF!!