Just got this to put on my LV....

  1. Here's an early b-day present from my 2 year old daughter... She loves Gingerbread men...calls them "Cookie Man" so my DH got me this charm (from her) to put on my bag. We are going to Vegas for 4 days w/out her...the furthest we've been is 2 nights (and 2 hours) away from her and so I've been stressing a little since we'll be so far (we live in MD). Anyway...here are the pics on my Parioli (Hopefully to be on a Damier Speedy when we get back)

  2. How cute! What kind of chain did you hook the charm to? It looks cute like that!
  3. I love Juicy charms. That is so cute!!
  4. Cute!!!
  5. I found split rings (regular key chain rings) at my local craft store and hooked them together to make a longer chain and looped them around
  6. Very cute! What do you have it hanging off of ?

  7. what a great find :smile: I would never have thought of using those.
  8. What a great idea to use split rings. It looks so cute. I love the gingerbread man.
  9. Very cute!!!
  10. Awww..that's so cute and creative! Enjoy ur holidays and yay to getting a damier speedy soon!
  11. ur cookie man goes great with ur damier....cute touch!!
  12. Very cute... :smile:
  13. congrats!! aww, who will be taking car of your daughter? i hope you dont get too homesick from her!!
  14. I like that! Good one.
  15. My mother in law for 2 nights and my mother for 2 nights...so she'll be in the best hands.:heart: But I will still miss her terribly...and probably call every couple hours.