Just Got Them Today---Impulsion Sneaker, Pochette Cles & Mono Cashmere Ski Hat!!!

  1. Got more stuff today and without further ado, here they are...........

    Impulsion Sneaker in Metallised Lamb Leather (Gold)

    Pochette Cles (pomme)
    Monogram Cashmere Ski Hat ---- for my little girl:love:
    lv impulsion sneaker.JPG pochette cles.JPG lv mono cashmere hat.JPG sneakers pochette cles ski hat.JPG
  2. Love it all...especially that hat!!!
  3. Nice..Congrats! :smile:
  4. Congrats!! Love the sneaker! Awww, I bet your DD will look absolutely adorable with the ski hat!
  5. Congrats, the sneakers are hot and so is the Pomme! Love the hat too..it's snowing here and that'd really come in handy right now!
  6. nice stash!
  7. love the hat and sneakers...:tup: the pomme tooo
  8. LoVe the hat!!! :yes::yes::yes:
  9. OMG! you are on a roll this month...many congrats!
  10. Congrats- love the sneakers!
  11. nice, congrats!
  12. very nice, I love that pomme cles ... congrats!
  13. Gorgeous! congratulations! I really like that shade of gold, looks kind of bronzish? I was debating getting the new clés when I saw it in store, it's gorgeous!
  14. Love them all, especially the pomme cles! Congrats!
  15. Ooo.. I lvoe everything! Wish my girls would keep a hat on! I'd get that for them in a second if they would!