Just Got My Very First Chanel Today!!

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  1. Hi everyone, as a newbie to chanel and the chanel subforum, I've always collected chanel sunnies and prescription eye glasses and finally I got my very first chanel flap!! I'm in love:tender::heart:. I've been a lurker lately but I'll definately be in here more often:yes:
    DSC00948.JPG DSC00950.JPG DSC00953.JPG DSC00955.JPG DSC00957.JPG
  2. COOL!! Beautiful!!!
  3. beautiful bag-great first choice-enjoy it!!!!
  4. more pics!
    DSC00960.JPG DSC00959.JPG
  5. Very chic! I love white.
  6. beautiful! how much was that?:graucho:
  7. that is SO pretty! is that white or cream? absolutely lovely, congrats on your 1st chanel bag :yahoo:
  8. it's actually a cream colour I love it!!:heart:

    Hi camden-I got it for a little over 1200.
  9. oh what a beautiful color!!
  10. Wonderful! Congratulations on a great purchase. :smile:
  11. awww, its so cute! i bet you will look great rockin this bag
  12. Congrats! Enjoy your new bag.
  13. Very chic....Coco would be proud of you!
  14. Very pretty...congrats!
  15. Wonderful! Which size is it?